What our customers say

Wayne Soulsby    Australia    Shadeform Sails    Website   

“We have been very happy with MPanel, it has reduced our production time substantially.”

John Simmonds    Melbourne, Australia    Billabong Shade    Website   

MPSD has many benefits for example:

It helps me “design the problems OUT !” It certainly simplifies the three dimensional patterning which was a serious headache in the early days of shade sail making. Simple to use, even out in the field we can check our design and dimensions.

However having MPSD on my team gives me greater confidence when discussing projects with clients (perhaps the top benefit) For Billabong Shade having MPSD sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill competitors. Not just with better sails closer to the anchor points that happens at the end of the day.

Having MPSD and letting potential clients know has a clear benefit in securing the work.

The support offered to MPSD users is just superb so even for computer Neanderthals like me there has never been an unsolved problem.

Just today I visited a school where I was able demonstrate the value of MPSD. Six existing sails could have been better looking and have a 10%-12% greater shade outcome using the same posts. Replacements sails ? not a problem, also better looking and performing.

David Weigand    Perth, Western Australia    Sail City    Website   

Thank you for introducing us to MPanel and Shade Designer many versions ago.
Our use of this product has enabled our company to :

1. Save money. A). Our designs are now optimised to millimetre precision on each piece of purchased fabric.
B). Our staff all use the mpcalc app when in the field to ensure site measuring is accurate, errors are eliminated and revisiting successful quotes is not necessary prior to final design and production.

2. Reduce waste. Our recycling costs are minimal and our truck waste volumes are way down.

3. Time management improvements. 1.)We are more confident of design shapes and able to examine them immediately. 2.)The 3D views allow us to critically evaluate fabric stress areas and quickly re-shape a better and balanced final design. 3.) All the designers and field staff have generated an increased volume in quotes (and successful business) because they are all using the same design criteria (MPanel) to communicate with each other and the customer.

4. Quality Assurance. Our traceability of a product from start to finish is recorded in the software, securely archived and often accessed for remaking a product (say, after a storm), qualifying warranty work, or adding on to an existing piece of work.

5. Works with Sketchup. The ability to further add 3D views of shading by time of day, or laying out a series of common sails on a site in Sketchup is all down very quickly and wins us work consistently.

6. Works with our Laser system. All designs are transmitted via DFX files to our laser imaging system on the factory floor for fast cutting out.

There are no doubt more benefits we have achieved by taking your software onboard and I am happy reviewing this report and reflecting on how far we have come.

Jordan Barnes, Senior Designer    Honolulu, Hawaii    Tropical J’s, Inc.    Website   

“We here at Tropical J’s believe that the lion’s share of our success has been the fruit of continuously reinvesting in both innovation and technology. As a result, we frequently strive to extract the most from our design department by challenging their creativity, which in turn translates to handing over the most appealing and innovative projects to our customers. MPanel, as a tool, has truly enabled us to malama (take care of) our customers by providing us with the means to translate their dreams into reality. In our world, MPanel is both a necessity and a game changer; a powerful tool that allows us to deliver our promises and operate as a manufacturer of dreams. We are ever thankful to have MPanel on hand.”

Steve Schrimsher    Jensen Beach, FL    Schrimsher Yacht Canvas    Website   

"The more that I use Rhino and MPanel, the easier and faster it becomes. I recently patterned a 12 curtain 4-sided enclosure on a 58’ Riviera Sports Fish by myself in under 4 hours on a windy day. The same job would have taken me and a helper about 6 hours (12 man hours total versus 4) and we couldn’t have done it that day because of the wind. The curtains fit great. The new MPanel feature of being able to add details to the panels is fantastic. Seven of the curtains had “smile” zippers and I was able to draw them right on the patterns plus draw the “smile” flaps. This ability alone saved Nancy 3-4 hours on this one job. We have eliminated 2 employees while keeping our production at the same level due to the laser system. I figure that the system paid for itself within the first year. Now, if we could train it to do the installs, we would really have something!"

Markku Harmala    St. Barts    S-B-S-A    Website   

"About two years ago we took the decision to buy MPanel software. It has opened a new horizon for our awning production. Our only problem with it has been that “why we didn’t buy it earlier."

Othon Juarez Cespedes    Mexico    AT Architectura Textil    Website   

"With MPanel really it is easy to believe what you want if you dream"

"Con MPanel en verdad es FACIL crear lo que tu quieras si lo sueñas"