Developed specifically for the shade sail industry, who use HDPE knitted fabric, this stand-alone (no CAD system required!) application runs on Microsoft Windows based computers.

MPanel Shade Designer provides a step-by-step wizard interface that virtually walks the user through the process of creating a three-dimensional model and an accurate flat fabric pattern of a shade sail structure.

Utilizing the same powerful tools found in our popular MPanel design and pattering software, MPanel Shade Designer features options for including seam allowance and material compensation (to plan for the stretch in the material) as well as a fully dimensioned pattern in a printable, production ready report, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Support for the user to create and save custom databases of different shade cloth materials and various corner hardware & connection methods are also included. A fully-featured evaluation version is available for download upon request.

Shadow analysis using MPanel Shade Designer

If you would like to do a shadow analysis using the shade sail that you have designed with MPanel Shade Designer, there are two simple methods.

1. MPanel Shade Designer and Awning Composer from Trivantage – Click Here

2. MPanel Shade Designer and Trimble Sketchup – Click Here to see a document showing the steps

3. MPanel Shade Designer and Trimble SketchUp – Click Here to see a video showing the steps


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