About MPanel Software Solutions

We have been involved in the development of light weight structures for over 20 years. Our software developer began writing custom software for the aerodynamics, development and patterning of paragliders, then developing that software for use in the architectural tensile structures field. We have experience in software and hardware for the design, testing and production phases.

Our Software Products

Our software suite includes a full range of products designed to simplify your processes and save you money and time.

From quoting, design and patterning, shadow analysis and sales through to manufacturing and production and installation. MPanel have a software product that will streamline your business and help you do more of what makes you money and less of what gives you a headache! And do it all in much less time.

Our flagship products, MPanel Pro and MPanel FEA, work inside standard 3D CAD packages, such as AutoCAD® and Rhinoceros®. This enables the user to leverage their existing skills with a specialized add on package. MPanel Pro is the easiest to use tensioned fabric software on the market. MPanel works completely inside AutoCAD or Rhino as an add-on toolbar and includes functions from your initial relaxation to the final production stages, and then prepares your patterns for your plotter, cutter, or grid pattern.

A subset of MPanel Pro is a variant designed for the Marine industry called MPanel Production. This version provides a streamlined user interface specific to marine requirements and works in the Rhino CAD environment.

MPanel FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software is an additional module that allows a user to analyze MPanel 3D models for reactions due to environmental factors such as wind and snow loading.

We also have a number of other products that operate as standalone software for shade sail design and manufacture and do not require the use of AutoCAD or Rhino. For more information on our products, please see the Products page.

Professional Organizations

MPanel Software Solutions is a member of the IFAI, Industrial Fabrics Association International. We are also members of Tensinet, the Fabric Structures Association, and the Fabric Graphics Association.