Shadow analysis with MPanel Shade Designer and Awning Composer from Trivantage

This guide will demonstrate how to display the shadows for your shade sail, at a specified place and at different times.

MPanel Shade Designer Version 3.0 and Awning Composer were used.

View the slideshow below to see how easy it is to design your own sun shade using MPanel Shade Designer.

You can check to see if the sail looks the way that you intended for it to look in the Visualization Report page, as shown below.
To export your model to Awning Composer, go to File, and then select Export OBJ model.

Be sure to save your file in a place that you will be able to find the OBJ file.

Now, in Awning Composer. Roll over the Add Object tab, then select Open from File.

Find your saved sail, and then click on that file, and your file will be inserted into Awning Composer.

By default, Awning Composer places the sail off of the ground, like this.

First select your shade sail (Select Object) and then go to the Transform Object menu, then select Move Object.

After you select Move Object, click on the Lock to Y-Axis.

After you have selected those two options, you can now move your shade sail down to ground level.

You can decide at what time and date you would like to see the shadow. Click on the ‘Sky’ tab. Now you can set place, time, and date that you want to see the shadows. Using the slider bar, you can see how the shadows change during the day.

Awning Composer allows you to add fabric and color to your sail, and it also allows the designer the ability to add graphics to their sail. To add a graphic, simple go to the Apply Graphic menu, then select Open From File.

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