MPanel-Pro v25 release

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MPanel Pro v25 Update 

Check out the great new features such as:

  • “Add Edge Mesh” tool updated to filter for edges so the CAD pick box ignores meshes or text.
  • “Make panel from single entity” converts a single closed entity (circle, polygon, spline blob) into an MPanel standard panel.
  • “Mirror mesh” takes some meshes (and 3dpolys and lines) and mirrors it while keeping the correct mesh orientation.
  • “Join meshes tool” now works when joining meshes with different mesh density.
  • Cross section tool now includes a new option called “Snap extra cross sections to points”.
  • The Poly Conversion tool now includes a new tool called “color mark duplicates” to mark duplicate polys for deletion.
  • Extended data has been substantially updated and is now shown in property grid style.
  • Other improvements include more consistent mesh naming – all meshes are now named M1, M2, M3.
  • Users prompted to “panel across mesh” when paneling a mesh which has no left or right sides.

all included in this latest update……MPanel25Update.pdf

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