MPanel Production v8 release

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MPanel Production v8 Update 

Check out the great new features such as

  • New “Add mesh between intersecting curves” speeds up model building.
  • New “Add hole in Panel” for clear fabric windows with simple split panel with hole to split the surrounding panel into parts.
  • New “Selection filter” tool simplifies selection of meshes, points, curves, lines or polylines from your model so you can copy, move or delete them.
  • New “Show seams and panel numbers on mesh” provides a new visualization of the model to help production with correct panel arrangement.
  • Split panel by fabric width tool has been updated and improved.
  • Push old objects to back of view to make it simpler to select new items.
  • Panel numbers shown are the same as the MPanel panel ID numbers

all included in this latest update……MPanel Production v8 Update.pdf