MPanel Production v9 release

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MPanel Production v9 Update 

Check out the great new features such as

  • Add mesh…New “edge filter” simplifies adding meshes by restricting selection to valid edges.
  • Paneling
    • Make panel from 3 or 4 entities added to paneling.
    • Make panel from single entity added to paneling.
    • Colored points create a polyline in panel.
    • Use 3Dpoly as cut line added to advanced paneling.
  • Seams… Copy old panel edge is suppressed on edges where seam allowance are zero or negative.
  • Utilities
    • Mirror mesh added to mesh utilities.
    • Join meshes with differing edge point count added to mesh utilities.
    • Divide curve into points tool added.

all included in this latest update……MPanel Production v9 Update.pdf