MPanel-Pro v27 release

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MPanel Pro v27 Update 

Check out the great new features such as:

  • Confirmed compatibility with AutoCAD 2024.
  • New Tube tool provides simple tube modeling, intersection functions and control over tube seam location
  • New panel modification tool, “Change panel edges” allows panel edges to be redefined
  • Merge panels now has an option to cope with different number of nodes on the panel edges
  • Split panel by edge lengths now retains both upper and lower panels.
  • New panel seam/hem option square bottom offset seam ideal for adding valances
  • New mesh split tool splits mesh into segments ideal for applications such as the new Tube tool
  • New combined cable and guy link for modeling cable nets.
  • Cable link tension definition changed to be more intuitive
  • Polyline conversion to radial lines (cartwheel) for FEA modelling
  • Button names optionally shown in toolbar for training along with “click here” notice on the title bar
    Parametric site library image changed to isometric for improved clarity.
  • Invert panels option added to nesting plus a warning if nested panels are output with the output setting “invert panels” on.
  • Update License Agreement

all included in this latest update……MPanel27-Update.pdf

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