MPanel-Pro v28 release

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MPanel Pro v28 Update 

Check out the great new features such as:

  • Version 28:
  • Confirmed compatibility with AutoCAD 2025 including their change to 64bit net core (N.B. 64bit CPU required)
  • Confirmed compatibility with Rhino 8 change to net core
  • New Edge mesh with ruled surface produces single panels such as marine front screens with lower shear strain
  • New Draw barrel vault provides parametric controls to build and panel barrel vaults
  • New Mesh a frame tool automates meshing of simple framed structures
  • New Make mirror cuff panel creates a panel of defined length mirrored from any edge
  • Seam allowance corner truncation now includes a rebate option to truncate to fit hardware width

download update details with video tutorials……MPanel 28-Update.pdf

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