MPanel Production v10 release

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MPanel Production v10 Update 

Check out the great new features such as

    • Adjust mesh…New “Add adjacent marks” adds points and match marks where multiple meshes join a single mesh.
    • Adjust mesh…New “Add extra marks” adds points and therefore match marks where multiple edges join.
    • Arrange mesh….Tool now ignores any items other than meshes and points. 
    • Arrange mesh….Adds any selected items other than meshes and points to the “Delete old objects” list. 
    • Output….New option to invert panels. 
    • Utilities….  Draw mesh edges added to mesh utilities that can be used to fix a mesh edge during cable edge relaxation.
    • Utilities….  marks and detail correctly preserved during panel split and panel split by hole.
    • General….Units are now shown on all relevant text entry boxes and the seam table

all included in this latest update……MPanel Production v10 Update.pdf