MPanel v22 released with major function upgrades

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New release of MPanel-Pro includes new features and a major function upgrade:

Automated Scripts – This major new feature allows recording of all production functions from paneling throughout to panel output. This is a powerful new feature for users who make different sizes of the same product—simply apply the same script to automate the conversion of a mesh to completed output panels ready for plotting video…..

Panel Tool Upgrade – This important function has been rebuilt to provide some great new functions:

  • The number of panels is no longer limited to a division of the mesh and can produce any number of panels
  • New Panel a Tri Mesh vertically tool added
  • Panel diagonal mesh can now have un-even number of panels—in the past a seam was required in the middle
  • Clamp plate rebates, rio patch and plates functions work with panels that appear to be 5 or 6 sided

Framed Shade Structure (aka Hip & Ridge) – By popular demand we have a new library model for framed shade structures (aka Hip & Ridge) has been added. Combined with the new split mesh tool production of correctly patterned form fitting meshes to suit these structure is now much faster and simpler – video….

Other New Features:

  • Panels without left or right edges
  • Panel Tri mesh vertically
  • Convert multiple entities to a poly line
  • Draw mesh based on edge polylines
  • Split mesh tool
  • Compensation values database
  • Move panels left and down for scripting

Compatibilty: Critical update for users wanting to use AutoCAD 2019 and Rhino 6

For more details and demo videos MP22 Update 

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