MPanel Production v9 release

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MPanel Production v9 Update  Check out the great new features such as Add mesh…New “edge filter” simplifies adding meshes by restricting selection to valid edges. Paneling Make panel from 3 or 4 entities added to paneling. Make panel from single entity added to paneling. Colored points create a polyline in panel. Use 3Dpoly as cut…

MPanel FEA v14 release

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MPanel FEA v14 Update  Check out the great new features such as: New dual-loop solver for “Cantilever Poles with adjustable link” allows analysis of poles with multiple sail connections. New “Cantilever Pole with adjustable link” added to Polyline special status in model building. New Results report of “Bending Stress and Bending Moment” of cantilever poles…

MPanel Production v8 release

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MPanel Production v8 Update  Check out the great new features such as New “Add mesh between intersecting curves” speeds up model building. New “Add hole in Panel” for clear fabric windows with simple split panel with hole to split the surrounding panel into parts. New “Selection filter” tool simplifies selection of meshes, points, curves, lines…

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MPanel Shade Designer v7 released

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MPanel Shade Designer v7 was released on October 23, 2015. The video below explains some of the new features. Some of the new features include: You can now create corner detail reports which show where a D ring should be placed. You can now make pdfs of all reports direct from MPanel Shade Designer. Visualization…

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MPanel v19.0 released

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New release of MPanel includes the following features: ‘Fix Edges’ tool improved with more and clearer options. Context sensitive help directly from the option screen. New tool ‘Add Corner Disk’ The ‘Mesh Curvature’ tool now shows any locally inflated parts of the mesh with a red line for the second principle curvature. New stamp builder…